Table Rentals

Elvidge Tents, LLC “Rentals & Event Planning offers a large selection of tables for your special event. Based on the number of guests and the area in which you wish to entertain, Elvidge Tents, LLC can help you find the right tables and arrangement.

  • Our round tables are available in 60 inch. (Seats 8)
  • Our smaller round “Cocktail” tables are available in 30 inch. (Seats 4)
  • Our banquet tables are available in 30 inch x 6′ (Seats 6-8) or 8′ foot (Seats 8-10)
  • Ask about our Serpentine tables for a unique look which match up in 30 inch width of our banquet tables.

As for the difference in the selection of either round or banquet tables, we find banquet tables are a little more efficient in the space utilized and rounds provide a slightly more “formal” appearance.