Tent Rentals

Elvidge Tents, LLC “Rentals & Event Planning” offers ALL size tents for ANY occasion!

  • Traditional Tents often referred to as “Canopy Tents” are slightly lighter in material weight and used for small events, great for sun, shade, and light inclement weather. These tents require staking and center pole support.
  • Wedding Tents are larger than “Traditional Tents”, offered in white and begin at a width of 30 feet and 14 foot height. These tents are staked and require center pole support.
  • Elite Tents are known for there distinguished high peak appearance. These tents require staking and utilize supporting center poles. They are excellent in all types of weather and withstand greater bursts of wind than Traditional Canopy Tents because of their heavier weight material.
  • Frame Tents are “free standing” structures suitable for grass set-up, however most commonly used over asphalt, concrete, decks and patios. Anchoring of frame tents are done through traditional staking and various “weighting” methods. Frame Tents have no center poles.
  • Specialty Tents ask for details
  • Economy Pop Up Tents ask for details

When you are planning a special event the last thing you want are worries over tent rental setup details, We’ve got you covered! helping you chose the right tent.

Our professionals will ensure that your special event comes through with elegance, beauty and style that is sure to amaze your guests.

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